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Five of a kind

There's been a lot of controversy surrounding Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan these days. But a look at the National League pitching leader board makes it very clear why the front office needs to meet with Duncan and smooth things over.

National League wins

Carpenter     15
Pineiro        14
Marquis       14
Haren         13

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Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan (right) escorts starter Adam Wainwright (center) and catcher Yadier Molina (left) in from the bullpen. AP photo.

Notice a common thread here? The five winningest pitchers in the National League are all students of Duncan -- the top three are current Cardinals while numbers four and five are former Redbirds.

Three of the 10 NL starters with the best ERAs -- Carpenter, Wainwright and Haren -- are also Duncan students.

It's a shame that Duncan is upset with the Cardinals over their alleged mistreatment of his son, Chris. But he, as much as anybody in baseball, should realize that you need to put the best players on the field. There's just no way to rationalize that the Cardinals would be better off with Chris Duncan -- even if he was healthy -- in left field over Matt Holliday.