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Cards can't make Hulluva mistake

Need another reason why the Cardinals simply cannot afford to let Albert Pujols wear another uniform?

Look no further than the stories yesterday about Brett Hull being inducted into the hockey hall of fame.

"Stars' Brett Hull enters hall of fame"  -- Dallas Morning News

"Hall bound Wings trio renowned for talent"  -- Detroit Free Press on Hull, Steve Yzerman and Luc Robitaille

And there is this from the Toronto Sun:

He became a legend in St. Louis, but valued his stops in other cities and was grateful the Hall of Fame won't make him choose one team to be associated with upon his induction.

"I loved everywhere I played," said Hull, who also put in time with the Phoenix Coyotes. "To maybe alienate some (club), it's like a parent picking their favourite kid."

The guy played three quarters of his career in St. Louis and had all of his greatest years here. It's just nasty to hear other towns gush about him... Even if he did play some sort of bit role on a Stanley Cup team there...

Make no mistake about it, Hull was not just a Blue. He was and is THE Blues. It's sick and disgusting that he is tied to other teams because the club let its greatest star play out his last years on other clubs...

The Cardinals have a long history before Pujols came on the scene... But that doesn't change the face that he should always be a Redbird. I get a little sick when I think about reading "Cubs' Pujols inducted into hall of fame" in the Chicago Tribune.