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Is it over for Boras?

Is this the end for Scott Boras' mezmorizing method of holding baseball teams and their fans hostage for $100-million contracts?

The New York Daily News seems to think so. The paper notes that, instead of running scared to the bank this off-season in a desperate effort to hold off the dreaded mystery team, major league clubs are calling Boras' bluff.

The result? Matt Holliday, who Boras once claimed would get a contract similar to Mark Teixeira's $180-million deal of a year ago looks like he is going to have to settle for about $100 million less. In New York, Boras' hardball negotiating tactics earned Johnny Damon a door slammed in his face by the only team he really wanted to play for, the Yankees.

This isn't necessarily new. Boras' tactics nearly cost Alex Rodriguez the richest deal in the history of baseball a couple of years ago when the Yankees called Boras' bluff and threatened to let Rodriguez walk if he opted out of his current contract. They were prepared to do just that until A-Rod shoved Boras out of the negotiations and begged the Yanks to take him back...

Hopefully the trend continues and we can see some reeling in of the run away salaries in baseball. We may never see them come back down to earth. But they need to at least be stopped from getting any worse.

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