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Edmonds sticks with Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers have officially picked up the contract of former Cardinals Gold Glove outfielder Jim Edmonds.

Edmonds, who said last week that he was questioning his decision to come back after spending spring training away from his family, has been promised plenty of playing time in the Milwaukee outfield. In fact, he could end up being a quasi starter.

That has to make Cardinals fans wonder if St. Louis was wise to pass on Edmonds' offer to come back to the team where he enjoyed his greatest success for the major league minimum. Not only does Edmonds seem to have plenty to offer with his bat and his glove, Brewers players said that he has emerged as a leader in their young clubhouse.

Edmonds leadership and experience could be a big factor in pulling together a Milwaukee team that is short on experience. The Cardinals -- and other teams in the NL Central -- are not without flaws. Edmonds could easily make the difference between being able to stay in the thick of things or not with the Brewers.

Meanwhile, the race for the last Cardinals outfield spot is coming down to the wire with no clear leader emerging between Joe Mather and Nick Stavinoha. Edmonds is a lefty. But Felipe Lopez adds a righty presence to the St. Louis lineup to balance things out. And Edmonds is a much better candidate to fill the shoes of any of the Birds' starting three outfielders should they miss a month or more with an injury.