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What's the matter with Matt Holliday

I'm sure a lot of the people who thought Matt Holliday was more of a product of Coors Field than a $120 million hitter are clearing their throats for a big I told you so.

With the calendar turning from April to May, Holliday is hitting a robust .353 on the road, but an anemic .154 within the walls of Busch Stadium. Still, based on his history when he was with the Rockies and last season after his trade to St. Louis, I'm sticking to the theory that Holliday is pressing because he is trying to justify his huge contract in front of the home fans and local media.

Holliday is a .342 career hitter at Busch Stadium with 14 homers in 55 games played. He's owned some of the pitchers he has faced on his new home turf. He's batting in a power packed lineup. It just doesn't make sense that he is hitting so well on the road and so poorly at home.

I'm willing to bet we can expect Holliday to heat up as the weather gets warmer. His worst month at the plate is April when he is a lowly .302 career hitter. In May he bumps up to .309. But in July he takes off to the tune of a .332 batting average and in July he hits .339.

Holliday has produced this season with a respectable four homers and .274 batting average. But consistency is what he has lacked. Let's face it, he is a streaky hitter... He's going to have his ups and downs. But, having Holliday and Pujols in the batting order is still a tremendous benefit for the Cardinals. If one or the other is producing, that's enough to win. And if both of them are hot at the same time, look out.