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Gammons, Passan weigh in on Holliday

Peter Gammons reports that the Red Sox initially made a run at Matt Holliday before eventually signing starting pitcher John Lackey.

According to Gammons, Boston offered the same $82.5 million over five years that Lackey ended up taking to Holliday first. If the Cardinals' offer is $16 million a year for five years, it would seem that the Birds offer adds up to $80 million over the same span.

Contrary to the column Yahoo's Jeff Passan posted today that called the Cardinals agent Scott Boras' sucker, it would seem that the Birds are sticking to their guns in negotiations for better or worse in refusal to bid against themselves.

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I can't believe the Cardinals are still in the Holliday bidding at $80 million. Like most people, it seemed that he would certainly get a deal that at least matched the $18 million a year Holliday turned down from the Rockies two years ago. But the St. Louis front office has waited out the Red Sox, Orioles, Mets and Yankees while refusing to budge.

The Cardinals have been steadfast that if Holliday is going to come back that it's going to be at a reasonable price regardless of mystery teams or Boras' bluster.

I, on the other hand, just want this to be overwith. If Holliday wants to play with the Cardinals as much as his teammates say he does, he needs to order Boras to get somthing done. And soon.