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Smoltz update

The Nationals have already signed one former Cardinals pitcher this off-season and they might not be done yet.

While the Redbirds are locked in a holding pattern like a plane over an airport that must be getting close to running out of fuel, John Smoltz has been chit chatting with the Nationals about joining that team's rotation.

Smoltz would like to come back to St. Louis to pick up where he left off last season. But the Cardinals can't seem to do anything while waiting for Matt Holliday to make up his mind about whether he is willing to grace us with his presence in left field.

The Phillies are also said to be interested in Smoltz to fill the spot in their rotation occupied by Pedro Martinez late last season. Martinez was so impressed by the Redbirds' lone free agent acquisition thus far -- Brad Penny -- that he has demanded even more guarateed money that the $7.5 million Penny will get from St. Louis.

Jason Marquis, who pitched for the Cardinals until 2006, was signed by Washington to a two-year deal worth $15 million.

Still unsigned in St. Louis free agent starter Joel Pineiro who wants a long-term contract but so far has gained only luke warm interest.

The Mets, who suffered terrible pitching problems last season, were thought to be a likely suitor. But so far they haven't made much of a move to ink the groundball inducing righty.