Cheap Seats

Sheets left out in the cold

Ben Sheets could be the real loser in the deal that saw Oliver Perez return to the Mets for three seasons and $36 million.

The Mets viewed Sheets as their Plan B -- or maybe even Plan C -- if Perez and Randy Wolf signed elsewhere. Now, as Wolf seems to be heading toward an inevitable marriage with the Dodgers and former Cardinals hurler Braden Looper talking to the Orioles, the only offer on the table for sheets is a low-risk, one-year deal with the Rangers.

Even Milwaukee, Sheets' only major league team to this point, doesn't seem interested in bringing back its former ace.

The Rangers' offense friendly ballpark doesn't seem like a good place to land on a one-year deal. It's a shame the Cardinals seem to have no interest in a guy with a huge upside. If you could have him for a single season on a 2008 Kyle Lohse type deal, why not?