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DeRosa wants $9 million a year -- for three years

Acording to ESPN, Cardinals free agent Mark DeRosa's asking price is $27 million over three years.

That's quite a demand for a guy who not only is 35, but who had an injury riddled 2009 that saw him struggle to hit .200 in the latter part of the season. He hit .208 in September and was racking up strikeouts in bunches.

DeRosa had surgery right after the season on a wrist problem blamed for his struggles at the plate. But can anyone really be sure that he's going to be 100 percent when the bell rings in 2010? If he wants to come back to the Cardinals -- which is an admittedly big if -- DeRosa is going to have to take something remarkably shorter and possibly incentive based.

Placido Polanco probably burst DeRosa's bubble when he inked a three-year deal earlier this year for $18 million to play third base for the Phillies. While DeRosa has more power than Polanco, he doesn't hit for average like Polanco and he can't hold Polanco's Gold Glove (two Gold Gloves, actually) in the field. So he probably isn't going to be able to justify that much more cash than a player who was probably his closest competition.

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Placido Polanco tries on a Phillies cap for his second stint with the club. Philadelphia was said to be interested in Mark DeRosa for its open third base job. But Polanco came at two-thrids of the cost. AP photo.