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Glaus used steroids

Major League Baseball has revealed that Troy Glaus had been determined to have used steroids while a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2003 and 2004.

Not only is it another black eye for the sport. But it further puts Glaus' current shoulder injury and recovery under the microscope.

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Glaus with Arizona 

Glaus claimed he used 'roids back in Arizona when he was having trouble recovering from a shoulder injury. Sound familiar? Now the Cardinals want to know if the steroid use has anything to do with his current shoulder problems -- and to be sure he isn't doing anything he shouldn't be doing this time around.

It's doubtful that MLB will do anything to discipline Glaus, whose bat the Cardinals could certainly use backing up Albert Pujols in the lineup. The steroid use occurred before baseball had its current ban in place.