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Cardinals like Blum

According to Fox Sports, the Cardinals are interested in Houston third baseman Geoff Blum.


Blum, 37, is hitting .268 this season but has managed one homer and 17 RBIs while calling the Juice Box home. He's a .252 career batter. He's not going to provide any more offense than FElip Lopez has lately and his offensive upside is much lower than the slumping Lopez. But he ought to be able to at least catch the ball. And, generally speaking, I'm all for any move that would potentially eliminate Randy Winn's roster spot.

Blum, according to multiple reports, has already cleared waivers, so he is available. But what would Houston want for him? And would the Astros, who were so morally opposed to trading within the division when it came to Roy Oswalt, be willing to compromise their principles to help the Redbirds out by taking a prospect or two off St. Louis' hands for a short-term rental?