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Edmonds on Braves' short list

It's been all quiet on the Jim Edmonds front since the Cubs announced early in the off season that they wouldn't be bringing the former Cardinals All-Star back in 2009.

But Fox's Ken Rosenthal reports that Atlanta, a team that is looking for a lefthanded slugging outfielder, may have interest in the 38-year-old flychaser. He's mentioned along with Luis Gonzalez, Ken Griffey Jr. and Garrett Anderson as possible fits for the team.

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It's odd the Braves seem more content to sign an aging outfielder of questionable health and with little gas left in the tank than to accept the Cardinals offer of Rick Ankiel for a relief pitcher or second baseman Kelly Johnson.

The Braves are thought to only have about $6 million left to try to re-sign Tom Glavine AND get an outfielder. Although I am personally against it because I like Ankiel and think the Cardinals could find a reasonable second baseman on the trade market, Atlanta would probably be able to get Ankiel for the same amount or less than one of the previously mentioned free agents. Especially when you consider that they would shed Johnson's salary in the deal. But, apparently, Atlanta doesn't think that it can afford to let go of Johnson following the Rafael Furcal fiasco earlier this winter.

Edmonds has made it onto the field for 117 games or less in each of the last three years. Seeing him in any other uniform than Cubs togs will be an improvement. If only Jimmy could take back the nasty things he said and did toward the Cardinals organization as easily as he changes his clothes...

Edmonds previously had been rumored to be talking with Baltimore and Colorado. Reports indicate Griffey may be looking at a Seattle homecoming...