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Cueto deserves a hefty suspension for kicking St. Louis players

After watching the replays about a million times, I can't see any way that Reds starter Johnny Cueto doesn't get a significant suspension because of his role in the incident Tuesday between the Cardinals and Cincinnati.

Cueto can clearly be seen kicking away at Cardinals players with his metal spiked shoes in footage of the scrum. He scratched up St. Louis ace Chris Carpenter's back with his spikes and kicked backup catcher Jason LaRue in the face.

According to reports after the game, LaRue's face was badly swollen and there was at least some concern that he may have a concussion.

Cuetto claimed after the game that he was trying to defend himself as he was being pushed into backstop screen. Seriously? You're so afraid of a net that you start to lash out at your opponents with metal blades?

Hopefully the commissioner's office won't try to do the politically correct thing to do and punish a Cardinals player to keep things "fair."

For the most part, it was mostly just clutching and grabbing on the part of players from both teams when the benches cleared. Cueto was the only guy who got violent. And, it would litterally add insult to injury if Molina was suspended for arguing while backup catcher La Rue is incapacitated thanks to Cueto's action.