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Cardinals @ Phillies, May 5

There is probably a really good excuse for an offense with all the weapons the Cardinals have to just quit producing runs. But, if there is, I can't find it.

It's just pathetic that the 2010 Redbirds have morphed into their 1988 predecessors. The pitchers pitch their guts out day after day and the hitters don't do a darned thing.

Brad Penny wasn't dominant. But he pitched well enough to keep his team in the game with three runs allowed over six innings pitched. Unfortunately, the batters made Kyle Kendrick look like Bud Norris -- which is to say the reincarnation of Cy Young.

They used to say that Bob Gibson was lucky because he always pitched on the day when other teams' hitters slumped. The Cardinals seem to make a lot of crummy pitchers lucky these days.

Kendrick entered the game Wednesday with a 7.61 ERA and shut the Birds down cold for seven innings on six hits.

Cardinals Star of the Game: The clubhouse boy seemed to have their road uniforms satisfactorally clean. So he did a better job than anyone else in the visitors clubhouse.

Cardinals Play of the Game: It sounds like a riddle... How could the Cardinals have two doubles in an inning and not score? The answer was for the first doubler to get caught stealing third just before the second doubler, Yadier Molina, doubled.

Lowlight: The only thing worse than seeing Brendan Ryan strike out with a man on third and less than two out is seeing him hit into the world's easiest 6-4-3 double play with first and third with one out and the Cardinals down by three late in the game. Suddenly the strikeouts don't seem so bad...