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Rumor Mill: Halladay update

Although he says he thinks a trade of Roy Halladay is more unlikely to happen than it is to go through, ESPN's Peter Gammons believes that the Cardinals and Phillies are the top two contenders for his services.

I believe the Jays will trade Halladay... and the sooner the better. They're not going to contend and they just don't want to pay a player who can't make a difference in their fate the kind of money one of the best pitchers in baseball commands. Especially when he doesn't particularly want to be there. Why not wait til the end of the season to deal him? Because by trading him now, Toronro could save about $8 million for the rest of the this season and $15 million next year.

Besides, the rumor mills are buzzing with talk about Halladay. And while it is wise to view rumors with some skepticism, there are so many rumors flying around that you have to believe their is some fire to accompany all those flames.

The talk inspired the New York Post's Joel Sherman to ask Major League Baseball officials if Halladay would be allowed to play for the National League if he is traded to a senior circuit team prior to the All-Star Game, less than a week away. For the record, MLB said no, but he might be allowed to pitch for the NL.

The Cardinals don't have the strongest farm system. But Brett Wallance is a prized prospect who seems to be more of an American League player because of his defensive liabilities. Some think he might be the next Babe Ruth, and nobody wants to be responsible for giving the next Babe Ruth away... But what if they gave a potential Babe Ruth away to get Cy Young in his prime?