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Game 21, Cardinals at Braves, April 28

Tuesday's game was a real heartbreaker. And the kind that drives me crazy.

The Cardinals led literally for as long as they possibly could have, scoring in the first and holding the Braves scoreless until their last at bat in the eighth, without actually getting the win. For some reason, Braves starter Jo Jo Reyes seems to have their number and they could never mount a rally after the first run scored.

On the bright side, Kyle Lohse proved his jammed knee seems to be alright, with a brilliant pitching performance. Also, Brendan Ryan was again spectacular on defense. He has earned a shot at more playing time at second and third base.

It's amazing how consistently the Cardinals have competed so far this season. They have only lost two lopsided games and four of their defeats came in games that they actually led in the eighth inning or later.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Lohse. 

Lowlight: Kyle McClellan should have never been allowed to walk the bases loaded, much less give up the losing hit. The Cardinals still need to find some depth in the bullpen. They have been getting by using McClellen, Franklin and Reyes in pressure situations and they're starting to get burned up.