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Joe Thurston is not the answer

How long can this team continue with Joe Thurston on the major league roster?

He has been terrible since the calendar turned to May. And that's not totally his fault, on account of the fact that he is a career minor leaguer who is completely over-exposed. But that doesn't change the fact that he is a terrible defender at third base and he has done next to nothing to contribute to the offense lately.

Cardinals fans can only pray that Troy Glaus' shoulder will allow him to play third base -- and that he can hit -- when he returns from a rehab stint sometime around the end of the month. Hopefully then Mark DeRosa will be back and manning second base instead of using an outfielder at one of the keystone infield positions.

But it's hard to imagine a team that relies on Joe Thurston as an everyday player as a legitimate playoff contender. A utility guy, maybe. But not an everyday player.