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Whose move is it?

Should the Cardinals put a deadline on their Matt Holliday offer?

With word that Mark DeRosa is getting impatient waiting around for the Birds to make a decision on his future because they don't know if they'll land Matt Holliday and tap themselves out, it's getting to the time where they may miss out on the honorable mention ribbon while they hold out for the grand prize.

Should the Cardinals give up on the Holiday derby while they appear to be in the lead? Should they go ahead and sign DeRosa if they can and lower their offer to Holliday accordingly.

A week has passed since we found out St. Louis made an offer to Holliday with an expectation of a response in 48 hours or so. Does that mean negotiations are hot and heavy and a deal is close? Or can agent Scott Boras be believed when he says he is still fielding offers from other teams, basically leaving the signing process at square one?

I'm not convinced the DeRosa is a slam dunk even if Holliday doesn't sign. He has had some pretty unrealistic contract expectations up to this point in both years and dollars. Plus, more teams have been linked to DeRosa up to now than Holliday.