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Wainwright optimistic about Holliday

Cardinals starting pitcher Adam Wainwright apparently doesn't believe all the hype about slugging outfielder Matt Holliday packing his bags for New York, Boston or other big market cities.

Wainwright said on Team 1380 radio that he would be shocked to see his teammate become his former teammate.

"I think he'll be back," Wainwright said during an interview on the station that aired Thursday. "I know Matt, know his family, and know he wants to be back. It's going to take a perfect situation to get him to leave."

I guess the only question there is what does Holliday view as a "perfect situation." Because if it has to do with getting more money to play elsewhere, I don't know if I feel all that much better about the situation.

It is good to hear SOMEONE who has some insight indicate that Holliday does have some interest in returning to St. Louis. I don't know if it is part of playing the free agent game or what, but Holliday has sure seemed pretty cold to the idea of making any positive statements about the Cardinals during his time here. I really find that odd because usually players at least say something along the lines of "yeah, I love playing in (your town's name here) and I'm open to staying here for the long term if things can be worked out. I love playing in front of the great (your team's name here) fans."