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Cardinals talking to Tribe about Westbrook

The Cardinals have set their pitching sights on Indians starter Jake Westbrook, according to ESPN.

Westbrook is 6-7 with a 4.65 ERA Cleveland. He's allowed 133 hits in 127 2/3 innings pitched. He's struck out 72 while walking 44 and allowed 15 home runs so far this season.

ESPN reports that a deal is still iffy at this point because the Indians don't want to pay any of Westbrook's remaining salary. He makes $4 million for the rest of this season and he's signed for $10 million next year. Westbrook also has a clause in his contract that says he gets $2 million if he's traded.

For that sort of cost, the Cardinals might as well have bit the bullet and gone after Roy Oswalt...

If the Birds take on all of Westbrook's salary, they sure as heck ought to get virtually nothing in terms of talent in return. I'm not really in the mood to give Cleveland any more players after they robbed the Redbirds last year in the Chris Perez trade.