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Cardinals vs. Astros, July 31

I wonder if those who suggested that Matt Holliday was soley a product of Coors Field are impressed in the least by his .586 batting average with six doubles and a homer since his trade to St. Louis eight games ago.

The Cardinals haven't scored a lot of runs in every game he's been here. But he has been a large part of the offense in every game he has played beneath the birds on the bat. And he has been fantastic in the clutch. While it's still coming together, I feel that this is an entirely different team than it was two weeks ago. It's more than just a notch better, and it has a chance to win every game.

It paid off in the form of a 4-3 win, which was especially sweet since it came against Cardinals nemesis Brian Mohler. Meanwhile, the Cubs lost their game to the Marlins and the Birds retook first place.

Mitchell Boggs struggled badly, giving up six hits, walking five and hitting one in five innings pitched. But he only allowed two runs, somehow managing to wiggle off the hook nearly every time he got into trouble. Hopefully he'll settle down when he makes his next appearance and show the dominant form he has displayed in Class AAA all season.

Brad Thompson did a great job in relief, pitching two excellent innings before finally getting touched for a run in his third. Hopefully he can be that additional righthanded contributor in the bullpen the Cardinals were unable to trade for before the deadline.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Holliday was 4-for-4 with a run and a pair of RBIs, twice tying the game. Oh, by the way people of the Cardianls front office, have you noticed how much larger the crowds have been following the Holliday trade. I'm just saying...

Lowlight: Boggs needs to be a little bit more composed and throw strikes the next time out. But, with two days off next week, who knows when that will be.