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Rumor Mill: Oswalt close to being dealt?

If you're hoping the Cardinals somehow land Astros ace Roy Oswalt to right their damaged pitching staff, chances of that are getting dimmer by the minute.

According to NBC Sports, Houston is in talks with the Rangers. The players have "basically been agreed upon" but it's money that is the holdup.

The Rangers, which are in the process of being sold, are deep in debt. Supposedly they have had to borrow money in the recent past just to meet their payroll and Major League Baseball has looked into the possibility of seizing the club to expedite a deal to a potential ownership group headed by former Astro and Ranger Nolan Ryan.

Initially, Oswalt asked for a trade and said he would only waive his no-trade clause to accept a deal to the Cardinals or the Yankees. Since then, he has allegedly softened his stance and is now willing to pitch for any contending team. The Rangers are in first place in the AL West, half a game in front of the Angels.