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Cardinals inquired about Uggla

According to, the Cardinals are one of at least two teams to have expressed interest in trading for Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla.

But Florida, even though it is 9.5 games out of the NL East race, might not be willing to deal a core player. The Marlins were much criticized over the off-season for hoarding revenue sharing cash instead of investing it in players to try to be more competitive, so dealing Uggla might not be an option.

"The Marlins are considering retaining Uggla, not only for the remainder of the year, but to sign him again for 2011, his final season of arbitration," wrote. "The organization could seek a long-term contract in the off-season, but that decision has not been determined.

What is clear is Uggla is a player the Marlins value and hope to build around, barring a trade offer that is too tempting to pass up.Uggla paces the team with 16 homers. He has driven in 52 runs, and he's batting .283. In the clubhouse, Uggla's leadership is valued."

That last line is an important one as the Cardinals aren't only looking for pitching and middle infield help, they've said they're looking for a leader type to help energize the St. Louis clubhouse.

While Uggla could help the offense, he won't do much for the defense. He's poor with the glove at second base. And the question remains what the Marlins would demand in return.

I'm guessing the first thing a team like Florida would want is major league ready players who don't make very much money. Guys like Jaime Garcia and Colby Rasmus. And that's just not going to happen in this lifetime.

The Rockies are the other team known to be interested in Uggla.