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Tatis likely headed back to the Mets

Former Cardinals third baseman Fernando Tatis, pitched by some as a potential utility man and bench bat for the 2010 Redbirds, appears to be close to re-signing with the Mets.

Tatis, who was out of the majors for several years after he flamed out in Montreal, has played most of his games since his return to the bigs in the outfield where he is a passable -- but not particularly good -- flychaser. But it seems now that New York wants him to be part of a platoon at first base.

He made $1.7 million last year as a reserve, so it would stand to reason that as a more regular player he will get considerably more. And, subsequently, it would appear that he was out of the Cardinals price range. Tatis was also a bad fit because he isn't a candidate to play centerfield where he would replace youngster Colby Rasmus against tough southpaws.

At least the Mets look like they are finally going to prove they can get a contract done...