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Freese has a broken toe

Manager Tony La Russa just broke into the Cardinals post game report to say that David Freese dropped a weight on his foot and broke his toe.

Apparently, any hopes that he would be back sooner rather than later have been dashed and he's probably going to be on the shelf at least another month.

Fortunately for the Cardinals, Felipe Lopez has been playing well at the hot corner, a position he is much better suited to play at this stage of his career than shortstop. Freese is a middle of the order type of RBI bat while Lopez is a top of the order table setter. Fortunately, the Birds have been able to find Freese's production from other players -- namely Allen Craig and Jon Jay of late -- and Ryan Ludwick is close to coming back to the team. Right now they need Lopez more than they need Freese.

The Cardinals are going to have to face a tough question soon: Who gets shipped out to make room for Ludwick when he's ready to come back?

It shouldn't be Jay. It shouldn't be Craig. Randy Winn has played well enough to stay. Aaron Miles is hitting .325... But, unless one of them is traded in the next few days, one of them is likely going to have to be demoted or released. Maybe the Freese situation is a blessing in disguise. Because, if he was close to coming off the DL, two of them would have to go.