Cheap Seats

That's the ticket

I got my season tickets today and I have to say that it's a unique and interesting package.

Instead of a box about the size of a a brick with the tickets stacked in a pile inside, the 2009 season ticket package is printed like a spiral bound dayplanner. Basically, you have to tear them out one at a time which seems more than a little bit about taking your favorite Cardinals book and ripping all of the pages out of it.

The tickets have 12 different designs and the are a lot more attractive and seem like a much higher quality item than in the past. The thick, glossy paper seems worthy of a keepsake. That's nice, since I like to hang onto my ticket stubs for some reason. These days, when you buy individual tickets you are encouraged to print them off at home. What you get is less a ticket than it is a piece of computer paper with a bar code, a team logo and the date printed on it. Why would anyone want to hang onto that?

Anyway, the shots are of classic Cardinals scenes with a tip of the cap to the All-Star game.


- A shot of 11-time All-Star Ken Boyer stroking a hit

- A photo of the 1957 All-Star Game program with a cartoon Cardinal waving its cap

- The famous photo of the 1963 all Cardinal All-Star infield: Boyer, Dick Groat, Julian Javier and Bill White

- A vintage shot of Busch Stadium II overlaid with the 1966 All-Star Game logo

- Bob Gibson following through on a pitch

- Lou Brock taking a peek at the catcher as he takes off toward second base

- Ozzie Smith doing his traditional opening day flip

- Albert Pujols connecting on a long one

- The 1940 All-Star Game superimposed over a photo of Sportsmans Park

- A closeup of Stan Musial, a 24-time All-Star, in his batting stance

- Red Schoendienst following through with a practice swing

- A shot of Sportsmans Park with the 1948 All-Star Game logo -- a St. Louis Browns colored cap.