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ESPN: Boras wants a three-year "big money" contract for Ankiel

Since today has unintentionally become bash Scott Boras day at View From the Cheap Seats, I submit this little nugget.

Boras is telling team interested in Rick Ankiel that his client wants a three-year deal at what ESPN's Jerry Crasnick describes as "big money."

A three-year deal? For a player with Ankiel's history. It is now proven that Boras is clinically insane.

I have always been a Rick Ankiel fan. The guy has tons of talent. But not only is he relatively unproven as an outfielder. He seems to be almost constantly hurt.

Ankiel, in the second incarnation of his career, has basically turned in one really impressive half season. Since then he hit .233 with 11 homers in the 122 games he managed to play last season. Many of them came after a mid-season crash into the centerfield walk making an amazing catch. But after that, he wasn't the same player. He couldn't catch up with high fastballs and he collected strikeouts in bunches. Ankiel lost his starting job in the outfield down the stretch.

It would seem like Ankiel would be a perfect example of a guy who should want to sign a one-year deal with a team that would give him a chance to start and prove he can bring his five tools together and be a consistent performer. Instead, Boras is trying to market perhaps the biggest free agent question mark of the 2000s as a primo player who deserves top dollar. Incredible.

I hope Ankiel gets a chance to play. And I hope he proves to be the player he looked like he was going to be when he came to the majors in mid 2008 and started cracking long balls and throwing out every baserunner who dared to try to run on him. (Unless the Cubs sign him. Sorry Rick.) But there isn't even a case for brining him back to the only major league team he played for under those terms.