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DeRosa expected to return today

According to the Cardinals, super utility player Mark DeRosa is expected to be activated from the disabled list in time for the team's Saturday game against the Diamondbacks.

DeRosa, who injured his wrist nine hitless at-bats into his St. Louis career, could provide a much needed boost to the offense, possibly moving struggling Joe Thurston off of third base or perhaps taking powerless Chris Duncan's place in left field. Personally, I would prefer that DeRosa be used in a way that allows Skip Schumaker be sent to the outfield where he is a much better defender than he is on the infield.

While DeRosa seems ready to come back, third baseman Troy Glaus is off to a very slow start in Class A Jupiter. He's hitting below .200 with only one extra base hit since his rehab stint started a a week ago. He has seen only limited time in the field because he has had problems throwing with his shoulder injury. And when he has occupied a spot other than designated hitter, it has been at first base.

I'm not holding my breath on his successful return anytime soon.