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Edmonds signs... with Milwaukee

Word out Milwaukee is that the Brewers have signed 39-year-old former Cardinals outfielder Jim Edmonds to an $800,000 contract with a chance to make the team out of spring training.

It's not exactly what St. Louis fans had in mind when the former All-Star announced a couple of weeks ago at a Tony La Russa charity function that the he was challenging the team to give him the major league minimum to come back home.

The Cardinals were reportedly luke warm to the idea, especially after Edmonds announced to the local media that he was also fielding offers from other teams. At least he didn't go back to the Cubs and further taint his St. Louis legacy. But did he have to sign with another National League Central division rival?

There was talk that Detroit and Atlanta were the leaders for Edmonds' services. But it appears that both of those clubs are likely destinations for Johnny Damon, another lefty outfielder who appears to have a lot more left in his tank than Edmonds.