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Bring back Matheny

The Cardinals need a new Dave Rickets.

So I hereby nominate Mike Matheny.

The Cardinals are revamping their minor league organization. And, in my opinion, one of the biggest improvements the system needs to see is making sure players that make it to the majors are well developed fundamentally.

It's not good enough to be able to hit. The Cardinals way is to:

-- Make sure EVERYONE plays the best defense they are capable of playing

-- Make sure EVERYONE knows how to run the bases

-- Make sure EVERYONE knows how to throw and WHERE to throw

-- Make sure EVERYONE can bunt, situationally hit and otherwise play small ball

Matheny is a classic example of a guy who made the most out of his tools but mentally playing at the top of his abilities. It's a trait I'd like to see in every ballplayer who wears the birds on the bat.

The Cardinals have made the mistake over the past couple of decades of letting their former players go to other organizations and coach the players they compete against how to play Cardinals baseball. How about making a move to allow the current Redbirds to tap into the brains of the guys who have been there before?