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Opening day contengency plan

The Cardinals contingency plans for opening day are nothing short of ridiculous.

With bitterly cold weather and either rain or snow in the forecast, the team announced if it can't make it's planned 3:15 Monday start that it will play a split doubleheader on Tuesday with one game at noon and the other at 7 p.m.

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Are you kidding me?

First, most fans planning to go on Monday have to miss a day of work to fight traffic and have a hope of getting to the ballpark in time for the motorcade and other opening day rituals. But now they expect people lucky enough to still have jobs to take off a second day to try to make a noon start on Tuesday? And then to hang out in St. Louis for four hours outside the ballpark before the start of game two?

This is the first game of a six-month-long season and the Pirates will be coming to back to town later in the year when the weather when the weather will presumably be nicer. So why force the issue now when fans will be either seriously inconvenienced or outright unable to attend?