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Spring Fling

In honor of the first official day of spring training, I've dusted off a post from last February and recycled it to the new site. I want to start bringing some of the highlights over to the new place and this is a good chance for that. And, judging from the statistics, about four times as many people who read it last year now read this blog. So to them it's new. (I'm planning to head to spring training in mid-march this season. I'll be reporting daily on the games and the sites and sounds of the Grapefruit League as well as posting photos and video.)

February 24, 2008

Spring fling



I've had plenty of offers from people willing to ride along for my upcoming Florida trip -- I'll be blogging from Jupiter starting March 7... I appreciate the offers, but it's not all glamor being a journalist at Cardinals spring training.

According to the Cardinals Journal, pitcher Dizzy Dean and outfielder Joe Medwick got into a fist fight in the lobby of the team hotel with a columnist from the New York Daily News in the spring of 1937.

It seems that Dean was miffed about an article written by the scribe, named Jack Miley, that claimed Ol' Diz's wife, Pat "wore the pants in the family."

Before you know it, Dean was throwing wild punches at Miley. A writer for the Chicago Daily News stepped in to try to break things up only to get socked in the jaw by Medwick. The Chicago writer fell backwards into a potted tree and, suddenly, an episode of the Three Stooges broke out. Potted trees and floor lamps that decorated the lobby of the Tampa Terrace Hotel began to fall like dominos.

When all the dust cleared, according to the Cardinals Journal account, Miley had a cut on his forehead from an unidentified Redbirds' spikes and the Chicago writer, a recently-retired NFL player named Irving Kupcinet, had a black eye.

Dean and Medwick got off with an appology and a promise that they would never attack a reporter again.

Unfortunately, Tony La Russa has never made such a promise.