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Where does Duncan fit?

I did some stewing over the roster tonight and, assuming that Colby Rasmus is just about assured a spot on the team, I just can't figure out where there is a place for Chris Duncan with the Cardinals.

We all know that they'll carry 12 pitchers, which means besides the eight starters: C - Molina, 1B - Pujols, 2B - Schumaker, 3B - Freese, SS - K. Greene, LF - Ludwick, CF - Rasmus and RF - Ankiel, there are five roster spots.

One of them is going to be the backup catcher, LaRue. That leaves four spots. And the problem is that, with two of the best outfield options penciled in to play the infield, the bench would seem to have to be slanted toward infielders.

At least one player is going to have to be able to play middle infield to back up Khalil Greene and Schumaker. And Joe Mather will almost certainly make the team as the backup third baseman if he doesn't get the starting job.

With only two spots left, and knowing that Chris Duncan is a terrible outfielder and playing center field is out of the question for him, wouldn't it make more sense to fill the remaining two spots with infielders since you know that Schumaker and Mather are your best two backup outfield options?

Unless Dunan proves he is worthy of being a starter or the teams primary lefthanded pinch hitter, I just don't see how the Cardinals can afford to carry him. At least until Troy Glaus comes back to take over at third. If that happens and Freese struggles, Mather could be the fourth outfielder and Freese could be sent back to Class AAA. But barring that, or Rasmus not making hte team, how can the Cardinals afford such a poor defensive player?