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Cardinals tried to get Springer

The phrase "penny wise but pound foolish" is applied often on these pages to the Cardinals front office.

And it seems to be appropriate once again with word that the Birds tried to get their former hurler, Russ Springer, included in the deal that brought Matt Holliday to St. Louis.


Springer was begging the Cardinals to make him an offer over the off season. He stated quite clearly that he would take less than market value to stay in St. Louis where he enjoyed a very successful 2008. From Springer's reports, Redbirds GM John Mozeliak showed no interest whatsover in the veteran when he could have been had for cash only. Now Oaklands wants a young starting pitcher.

The Cardinals pinched pennies in the spring, and they're paying for it now as they desperately try to fortify a shallow bullpen with little left in the minors to deal.