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The Lopez market

Supposedly the Reds -- and former Cardinals GM Walt Jocketty -- are talking with agent Scott Boras about one of his clients.

Some speculate that Cincinnati might be interested in outfielder Johnny Damon. But I wonder if former Red and Cardinal Felipe Lopez might be the real target. Not only could Cincy use such a versatile player who can hit, but signing Lopez would have double the impact if made the Cardinals worse while making the Reds better.

Word is that Lopez is in a holding pattern while the top second baseman still available -- Orlando Hudson -- waits for a deal to set the market. But, while Boras played the Matt Holliday deal well, he may have overplayed his hand on some of his lesser players, Lopez and Damon included.

Spring training starts for pitchers and catchers in 2 1/2 weeks and for position players a week after that. So it is getting pretty late for a ballplayer not to have a contract in hand.

On an unrelated subject, Jim Edmonds said on 1380 AM this morning that one of the reasons he chose to sign with Milwaukee is because the Brewers promised him a chance to start against righty pitchers everyday (if he makes their club) and to play the corner outfield spots when those players need a day off.

I hope, for his sake, that Edmonds' 40-year-old body holds up. He was so beat up during the last few seasons he played with the Cardinals, that's hard to imagine. No word on if he had a real chance to come back to St. Louis or if he opted to leave for more playing time and more money.