Cheap Seats

New York Times compares new Busch to Citi Field and new Yankee Stadium

It may have cost less than half of what Citi Field cost and a quarter of the price of the new Yankee Stadium. But the New York Times said that Busch Stadium is a better ballpark than both of the new baseball palaces that opened this season.

According to George Vecsey, new Busch Stadium has better sight lines, is more aesthetically pleasing and is more baseball focused than the two New York Parks.

Mets fans are griping they can't see huge chunks of the field from seats in the upper decks while Yankees fans are staying at home in droves rather than paying $2,500 a seat for the most expensive tickets in the House that Jeter Built.

I wasn't exactly thrilled with the height and distance of my former loge box seats from the field at the new park. Especially since they were so close at the old one. But at least I could see the whole field! 

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