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Olney says Yanks aren't interested in Holliday

ESPN reporter Buster Olney Tweets that the Yankees don't plan to get involved in the Matt Holliday bidding -- other than to keep other teams honest.

I suppose that means that they aren't going to let the slugging left fielder fall to the Red Sox on the cheap. But the pinstripers don't figure Holliday in their plans, which seem to involve Johnny Damon coming back for another year or two.

It must be nice to have so much money that you can sign a player to a $100-million-plus contract even though you really don't want him ... just to keep him away from the other guy.

I wonder what happens if the BoSox bring back Bay... Do the Yankees still drive Holliday's price out of the Cardinals' range just because they can? New York would probably prefer Holliday in the National League -- as long as it's not with the Mets -- so they would seemingly be interested in steering a potential thorn in their side to the midwest. But by driving up Holliday's price, the Yankees will make sure that he ends up with one of their deep pocketed competitors.

Since you have so much money to spare, Yanks, why don't you sign Holliday to the huge deal he craves and then exile him to St. Louis?