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Lopez to Boras: You're fired!

Free agent infielder/outfielder Felipe Lopez has fired agent Scott Boras, according to a report from ESPN.

Lopez, who played briefly for the Cardinals in 2008 and who is linked to the team this off-season, is apparently steamed that Boras has failed to find him a team just days before the start of spring training. He hit .310 with a .383 on base percentage last season with Arizona and Milwaukee. Those numbers, combined with the fact that Lopez can play anywhere in the infield and the outfield corners, should make his a desirable target.

Boras' hardball ways have helped his higher end clients snag some mega contracts over the years. But they seem to have backfired when it comes to Lopez.

The Cardinals would have liked to keep Lopez after the 2008 campaign. But Boras demanded a multi-year deal and by the time the market settled, the Birds had moved on. Instead, Lopez had to take a $3.5-million, one-year contract to replace Orlando Hudson in the desert.

It looks like Lopez might be lucky to get that much this off-season... But he has hired the Beverly Hills Sports Council whose most famous client is Cardinals superstar Albert Pujols. What that means for the likelihood of Lopez signing on with St. Louis, I don't know.

While the Cardinals have had some contentious negotiations with Boras in the past, the team has been able to work with him. Now that Lopez has new representation, things may very well start from scratch. And it wouldn't be a huge surprise if the replacement of Boras makes teams more interested in Lopez.