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Cardinals vs. Reds, April 30 (Part 2)

After a 2 1/2-hour rain delay, the Cardinals resumed their game with the Reds down 3-2 in front of a handful of people who stuck it out through a spectacular lightning show and tornado warnings.

I wasn't one of them.

But I did manage to stay up until the game resumed at about quarter til 12 and watch it on tv...

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Cardinals starter Brad Penny leaves the field at the start of a 2 1/2-hour rain delay Friday night. AP photo.

It was bried but frustrating. The Cardinals hit the heck out of the Cincinnati bullpen but couldn't push a run across, inlcluding a second and third situation with no one out. Albert Pujols was up and the Reds walked him intentionally, then Colby Rasmus struck out and Thursday's star David Freese hit into a double play.

Why is it that the Cardinals absolutely refuse to squeeze anymore? It's a lot of pressure to make a young guy like Rasmus try to drive the ball off of a lefty specialist. With a wet field, a bunt is really going to put the pressure on the defense to pick up a wet ball without slipping and make a good throw for the out. And, if both sides do their job, the Birds would have had runners at second and third with one out in a tie game. They'd still be in excellent position to win it.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Albert Pujols reached base three of four times he came to the plate with two hits and an intentional walk.

Cardinals Play of the Game: Matt Holliday, who has struggled terribly at Busch Stadium this year, got a clutch, two-out, two-run hit to give the Birds their only run. He was 2-for-4 on the night, hopefully breaking out of his troubles at home.

Lowlight: Brad Penny was pitching a pretty good game before conditions deteriorated. Why the umpires let the game go on as it started to pour -- just long enough for Cincinnati to score to tie and then go ahead -- is beyond me. it's not like the umps didn't know what to expect. The grounds grew took the cover off the tarp in the third inning in anticipation of the storms that were closing in.