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Grudzielanek hopes to catch on with Cleveland

Former Cardinals second baseman Mark Grudzielanek is in camp with the Indians and, according to, he hopes to win the job as the team's starting second sacker after a year off from baseball.

Grudzielanek told that he was healthy and ready to play.  But he didn't get an offer he liked, so he stayed home instead. Now we'll see what he has left at 39 years old.

It's a common theme in Grudzielanek's career. He's a solid .300 hitter and a consistent fielder. But for some reason he was never able to get the long-term deal he wanted. Even in St. Louis where he performed well as the starting second baseman in 2005 but then defected to the Royals when the Cardinals wouldn't make him a multi-year offer.

I never understood why. The Birds didn't want to pay Grudzielanek's $4 million asking price. So instead they started on an oddesey that started with Junior Spivey and Deivi Cruz and ended with Ronnie "Unidentified St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Player" Beliard. That collection, which didn't play as well as Grudz, ended up costing the Redbirds more cash... And it cost Gruzielanek a shot at a World Series ring.