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Carp says he feels good after first spring start

A day after pitching in his first game of the spring, fragile Cardinals starter Chris Carpenter told that he feels A-OK.

Carpenter pitched two innings and gave up four hits and a run while hitting a batter. But he wasn't alarmed with the results. Carp told that he was only throwing a fastball and a curve, holding the rest of his arsenal in reserve which explains the less that stellar numbers.

"I came into today wanting to get into a real game situation" Carp told "Controlling your body in that situation is what you work towards, because this is obviously another level up compared to live [batting practice] or anything else. Just getting comfortable out there. I felt like I did what I needed to do. I went into it with a goal of throwing fastball-curveball, trying to locate. I made some good pitches with my fastball, and obviously I left some over the middle of the plate, too. But that's going to happen."

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Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter throws a pitch in his first spring start Monday against the Red Sox. (AP photo.)

After the game, Carpenter said he didn't care about the results on the field compared to how good he feels.

"This spring, I definitely feel better," Carpenter told "I'm not concerned about if my next throw is going to be my last. I'm not worried about it."

I'm glad he's not worried. But I hope Carpenter doesn't mind if I continue to cross my fingers every time he throws a pitch.