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Can Cardinals weather the loss of Lohse?

With the injury to Kyle Lohse Friday night, I wonder if the Cardinals feel the need to shore up their pitching staff.

A seven-game lead is nice, but not bulletproof. And the Birds now are sporting a rotation that has two men short as get ready to make the most improtant push of the season. John Smoltz is onboard to help out a little bit. But, while he was expected to make at least two starts to build up his arm strength and sharpen his mechanics, his longterm role with this team in in the bullpen...

Arizona's Jon Garland is said to have cleared waivers, so he could be available. But the Diamondbacks seem to be asking more for their soon to be free agents than anyone is willing to pay. Garland is only 6-11 on a lousy Arizona team. But his ERA is a respectable 4.42. Garland has been hit hard, giving up 173 hits in 154 2/3 innings. He wouldn't be dominant. But a guy like Garland could be an innings eater who will help to preserve the bullpen while at least giving the Redbirds a chance to win on the days that he starts.

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Arizona's Jon Garland. AP photo.

That being said, I wouldn't give up much at all for Garland. He's a six-week rental who the Cardinals almost certainly would have no interest in signing long term. He also has a $10 million option that includes a $2 million buyout. If the Diamondbacks want to move Garland, they would surely have to pick that up...

Anyway, Garland is just one guy who might be had. And he isn't overwhelmingly attractive. But the Cardinals have already gone the Mitchell Boggs and Brad Thompson routes with little success.