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Rumor Mill: Wither Halladay?

While trades can change with the direction of the wind, the national media seems to think that the Cardinals chances of landing Roy Halladay have gone south.

Reportedly, the Blue Jays have insisted on Colby Rasmus being part of any deal for the Toronto ace. And that's not going to happen because it would require the Cardinals to severely damage their current squad.

While improved pitching will be nice, the Cardinals starters have been adequate. But the offense has sputtered, so how can they subtract their second most valuable offensive player to this point? Ryan Ludwick has stepped up and made a difference. But it would still be a big setback to lose Rasmus' hot bat in the short term, not to mention the long-term ramifications.

I'm onboard for dealing Brett Wallace and Peter Kozma to the Jays with some minor league pitching to make a deal happen. If they wanted Rasmus, they should have thought of that last season when the Halladay rumors came up. It's too late now.

That deal would make more holes than it would fill.