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Will the Cubs deal Harden?

Could the Cubs be getting ready to deal away one of their starting pitchers?

According to reports, Rich Harden and Aaron Heilman were both placed on waivers, which could just be a procedural move...

Harden was claimed on waivers by the Twins. And, while it is within the Cubs rights to pull him back and keep the impending free agent, rumor has it that the Wee Bears are leaning towards letting Harden go.

While the Cubs dugout and front office has been pushing the idea that the Wee Bears aren't out of the 2009 playoff hunt, it would sure seem that they're giving up if they're willing to deal one of their top three starters.

Speculation was that the Cubs would keep Harden and offer him arbitration so they could at least score a couple of draft picks if he signs elsewhere when he becomes a free agent this offseason. But, with Harden's troubling injury history and the Cubs soaring payroll, the team is said to have cold feet about the possibility of losing an arbitration case and being forced to pay Harden $10 or $12 million in 2010.

There was talk that Heilman was claimed by the Cardinals. But Fox Sports says that's not true and that Heilman was actually claimed by Giants.