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Tejada was too pricy for the Cardinals

Details have begun to emerge about Miguel Tejada's contract with the Orioles and it would seem, because of his price tag, that the Cardinals were probably never a serious consideration.

Tejada told the Associated Press that the deal he signed is for $6 million, an amount that is probably more than the Birds could have scraped together. What's more, Tejada sounds like he thinks $6 million is less than he should have taken.

"I know it’s less than what I made last year," Tejada told the AP as if we are all so disappointed he didn't get more. "But the market has changed and I feel happy to be able to play in the major leagues,”

I suppose the market has changed for an aging player and with diminished fielding ability who seems to fade dramatically in the second half of the last couple of seasons.

Interestingly, Baltimore is counting on Tejada to move to third base with Caesar Izturis to remain at short. Tejada helped force his trade to the Astros two before the 2008 season when he refused the Orioles request to move to third during his first stint there.

The O's seemed set at the hot corner when they signed Garrett Atkins earlier in the off-season. Now it seems that Atkins will move to first base to make room for Tejada.