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Marlins decision making is questionable

It's hard to tell what's going on in someone else's head. But I don't get Florida's odd tactics when it came to shedding Dan Uggla.

The Marlins scored only a utility player and a questionable reliever in return for a rare commodity -- a power hitting middle infielder. But, according to reports, they demanded Colby Rasmus in return from the Cardinals in a potential Uggla swap.

First, wouldn't it make more sense to get fleeced by a team outside of your division so your already tiny fan base doesn't get turned off by seeing the hometown hero 12 times a year wearing another team's jersey in their home park?

And, second, aren't there some more reasonable players on the St. Louis roster that would have made more sense for the fish?

Jon Jay comes to mind. He's from the Miami area and he starred as a college player at the University of Miami. The Marlins traded centerfielder Cameron Maybin earlier this off-season. So they could probably use the outfield help. Wouldn't a swap for Jay, Tyler Greene and a reliever have been a better deal for Florida?

Oh, Well. Like I have said repeatedly, I don't think Uggla was a good fit. But I just don't get what motivates some team's general managers...