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Theriot's already taking shots at the Cubs

Former Cubs shortstop Ryan Theriot has been a member of the St. Louis nine for less than 24 hours before he started cracking on the Wee Bears.

The Chicago Tribune points out that Theriot claimed "I'm finally on the right side of the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry" during an interview Tuesday on St. Louis sports radio station KFNS. He continued to knock the Cubs for not having a winning mentality and said he was "always a little jealous" of the Cardinals when he played for Chicago and added that former major league outfielder David Delucci congratulated him for being traded to "baseball heaven" after hearing about the deal.

According to the Tribune report, Theriot said he wants to steal even more bases with the Cardinals than he has in the past when he's notched 20 or more in each full season he's played. I was originally skeptical about this deal, but I like hearing that.

Wasn't there another Cubs player who was capable of stealing a lot of bases who started a Hall of Fame career as a table setter after joining the Cardinals?