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Westbrook, Renteria

The Cardinals have competition in their bid to re-sign starting pitcher Jake Westbrook.

According to the Denver Post, the Rockies have called Westbrook's people to express their interest.

Westbrook was believed to be working on a deal to come back to St. Louis before the free agent signing period even began. But then the Dodgers decided to give Ted Lilly $33 million over three years and things came to a mysterious halt. If that wasn't enough of a reason to be peeved with Los Angeles, now the Dodgers are said to be in the hunt for Westbrook, too.

Meanwhile, former Cardinals shortstop Edgar Renteria told ESPN Monday that he would be open to playing second base if it helped him find a new job.

Renteria has been criticized over the last few years for losing a step or three at shortstop. While he agreed to switch positions, his flexibility has its limits. Renteria said he doesn't think he could easily make the transition to third base.

It would seem to me that third base would be easier to play for a former shortstop than second. The angle that the ball comes off the bat is more similar, you don't have the whole covering first base on bunts thing or the pivot on double plays. Plus, third is a position where range is less necessary than second or short.

Then again, I guess some guys don't like standing 75 feet from Albert Pujols with only a leather glove to save them.