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Renteria weighing three offers

Former Cardinals shortstop Edgar Renteria told the Associated Press that he has three contract offers from National League teams.

One of the proposals is a $1-million pact with the Giants. The other two teams weren't identified. But Renteria said earlier this off-season that he would like to finish his career with one of his first two teams, the Marlins or the Cardinals.

I'd love to see Renteria come back as a St. Louis reserve. While his shortstop play isn't what it was when he was a younger man, Renteria could probably play there in a pinch. Second base and third base would probably be more desirable options. Plus, always a clutch player, Renteria would have value as a pinch hitter.

The Cardinals' inability to trade Brendan Ryan might block any chance the club has to sign Renteria. Reluctant to give him away for free, Ryan plays the same role Renteria might otherwise fill. The Redbirds are believed to be just about maxed out on payroll, which means that the half a million bucks or so that Ryan would make probably would have to be reallocated toward Renteria to sign the former St. Louis shortstop.