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Uribe signs with Dodgers

Juan Uribe, a star for the Giants during their 2010 championship run, won't be the answer to the Cardinals infield woes next season.

He signed with the Dodgers for an astounding $21 million over three years.

I thought something might happen today because Uribe was offered arbitration by the Giants and had until tomorrow to accept it.

As I mentioned yesterday, Uribe was believed to have wanted a multiple year deal thanks to the two-year, $22-million contract his teammate Aubrey Huff got to stay with San Francisco. The Giants thought he might come crawling back for something between the $3.5 million he made last year and $5 million through arbitration. But it turns out that that was never even a consideration.

While I would have liked to see Uribe and his sticky, yet versatile, glove in St. Louis, that's way too much money for a career .256 hitter who will be 31 next season. The Birds were wise to hold the line on this potential deal.

Uribe can play short, second and third base. The Dodgers, according to a Fox Sports report, plan to play him primarily at second.